White Walling

We specialise in whitewall tyre application service. It involves smoothing the surface of your existing tyre and applying a band of colour in varying sizes and colours. Whitewall colours available are; yellow, red, orange, blue, green, pink and white.

Single: $150 | Doubles: $200

Guard rolling

Are you getting your car lowered?
Are you getting new wheels?
Are your tyres rubbing?

Get your guards rolled……

Wheel & Tyre packages

We can do extremely good deals on the huge range of brand new Wheel & Tyre packages we supply. We also stock our ECM range be sure to check them out!


We can provide you with suspension to lower or raise your car.
We can also provide installation, whether it is springs, struts and shocks or coilovers.

Vinyl wrapping

We wrap wheels, dashes and the whole car in a Vinyl of any colour or design you desire. We use well known brands such as 3M, Avery etc.


We can make up any word in various colours and sizes and apply them to your tyres.