Frequently Asked Questions:

01. How much do walls cost?
$150 for singles and $200 for doubles.

02. Are walls legal?
We offer to either leave the load rating on to keep them roadworthy but they won’t last near as long.
Or the other option of fully shaving them to maximise the life expectancy of the walls.

03. How can walls be applied and how quick does it dry?
Tyres have to be on a rim and drys instantly after walls are applied.

04. Are we mobile?
We aren’t mobile, we work from the factory at the current address.

05. Does rolling guards crack the paint?
If it’s factory paint and has no filler, the paint will be fine as we heat it first.

06. Can I get Eye Candy Motorsports door stickers?
Eye Candy door stickers are only available to regular customers or people who have come in and had a fair amount of work done with us.

07. How do I keep walls clean?
For maximum longer lasting life on the walls, tyers should have done 1000k’s, no tyre shine and use armourall wheel cleaner to keep clean.

08. Do you offer package deals?
Yes we offer cheaper rates if you combine our services and get it done at the same time. Enquire about pricing.

Have more questions, please contact us through email, phone or our Facebook page.