White Walling

We specialise in whitewall tyre application service. It involves smoothing the surface of your existing tyre and applying a band of colour in varying sizes and colours. Whitewall colours available are; yellow, red, orange, blue, green, pink and white.

Single: $150 | Doubles: $200

Guard rolling

With many cars having lowered suspension and wider wheel and tyre combinations, clearance can then become a problem, which leads to body and paint damage and premature tyre wear.

To prevent this we roll the inner guards to create maximum clearance .

* enquire about Guard Flaring/pumping. Guard flaring/pumping is the next stage to guard rolling for when wheels are wider than the body of the car and when Guard Rolling hasn’t created enough space for the wheels to fit without rubbing.

– $60 a guard or $200 for all 4

– Takes approximately 2 hours to complete
– Guard flaring/pumping will be extra

Wheel & Tyre packages

We can do extremely good deals on the huge range of brand new Wheel & Tyre packages we supply. We also stock our ECM range be sure to check them out!


Whether is  daily driving, track driving or purely just for show we have the right suspension package for you. We specialise in all your suspension needs supplying & fitting:

– springs

– shocks

– leafs

– coilovers

– air bags

For various cars

We use top brands such as KingSpring, XYZ & Airide

Vinyl wrapping

Change the look of your car by changing colour or design with Vinyl wrap. Vinyl wrap protects your original paint, its extremely easy to maintain and is very durable and is fully removable when you want to take it off.

We can vinyl wrap cars, trucks, boats, bikes and almost anything  in a Vinyl of any colour or design you want. We only use top brands such as Avery, Hexis & 3m and guarantee all our work.


We can make up any word in various colours and sizes and apply them to your tyres.